Elizabeth Katz, Ph.D Licensed Psychologist

I believe that all of us find ourselves struggling with life’s dilemmas as we grow and develop as individuals. Many events and situations we experience may result in feelings of sadness, anxiety, alienation from others, loneliness, or a loss of meaning in our lives.

P1000452These feelings may become more prevalent when we face transitions in our lives, including many kinds of losses, divorce or other relationship changes, career changes, or major lifestyle changes.  We may be especially impacted by a diagnosis of a serious medical condition, causing us to feel that we no longer have control over our lives.  Any of these events may result in a sense of helplessness and hopelessness.  As someone who has experienced serious medical conditions myself, I feel deep compassion for those who are dealing with such challenging life issues.

As a therapist, I create a safe place, where you can feel listened to, understood, and able to talk about the difficult, often painful, issues in your life. As we explore your feelings and the challenges you face, we will also discover your strengths and how you can use them to become more resilient. Together, we will develop your goals, leading to more balance and satisfaction in your life.

My deep belief is that we are all capable of changing our lives and our relationships with others.   We all have the ability to become healthy and to find joy and pleasure in our daily lives.  As your counselor, I am here to take this journey with you.

Elizabeth Katz Ph.D

Someone to tell it to is one of the fundamental needs of life.

– Miles Franklin